About Lakeland


Mission, Vision, Values, Outcomes


To inspire learner success and community development through innovative learning in an inclusive and diverse environment.


Ever to excel in a global society.


We value learner achievement, academic excellence and personal growth founded on our longstanding principles of:
  • people-centred and respect
  • accountability and integrity
  • inclusiveness and collaboration
  • continuous self-improvement
  • innovation
  • pride


  • Learner success
  • Relevant programming and research
  • Connectivity
  • Sustainability
Outcome: Learner Success
Lakeland College will optimize learner success.

Key performance indicators:
  • graduate employment
  • student retention
  • financial support for students
  • satisfied alumni
Outcome: Relevant Programming & Research
Lakeland College, in conjunction with post-secondary partners, will strategically provide programming that meets student, government and industry expectations.

Key performance indicators:
  • accountability and efficiency
  • new programming, research and market responsiveness
  • program specialization
  • program and research alignment with government and industry
Outcome: Connectivity
Lakeland College will be connected to our multiple stakeholders.

Key performance indicators:
  • Student engagement
  • Staff engagement
  • Community engagement
  • Industry engagement
  • Provincial, national and international engagement
Outcome: Sustainability
Lakeland College will achieve sustainable operations.

Key performance indicators:
  • economic sustainability
  • environmental sustainability
  • social sustainability
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