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Marketing Opportunities in Conservation Incentives Seminar

Real estate agents are invited to a one-day course Oct 12 to learn how land that's part of a conservation program can be an advantage in their business.

Developed by Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) and supported by the Alberta Real Estate Foundation (AREF), the one-day course shows the benefits of restoration and conservation programs that go beyond the environment. Revenue potential exists, and the key is being able to scout those opportunities.Ducks Unlimited logo

You'll learn how DUC identifies and secures properties with high restoration and conservation value potential. As a realtor, you can play an important part in this process as you are well positioned to help identify land that may qualify for DUC programs. This could also lead to gains for your business down the road from the potential sale and resale of the land.Alberta Real Estate Foundation logo

The course has two 2 parts: classroom in the morning and field in the afternoon.

As an Alberta realtor, the course is full funded by the AREF.

Space is limited, so please register as soon as possible by emailing Marilyn Sommer at marilyn.sommer@lakelandcollege.ca, or use the online form below.

Topics include:
  • What is a wetland and why wetlands matter
  • How to Identify existing wetlands and wetland restoration opportunities
  • Historic loss of wetlands and the resulting impact on water quality, flooding, drought and biodiversity
  • Societal attitudes regarding wetlands and how they are changing
  • Wetland and upland restoration and conservation incentive programs offered by DUC including the Revolving Land Conservation Purchase program, Wetland Restoration Lease program, and conservation easements, and how they can enhance your business
  • Geographic areas that offer the most potential for conservation and wetland restoration programs

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