• Lakeland College student-managed farm dairy team
  • Lakeland College students proud of their crop at the student managed farm
  • Lakeland College Ag students all pitch in to run the student managed farm
  • New Holland equipment on Lakeland College's Vermilion campus

Real life on a working farm

Join the rich history of agricultural excellence at Lakeland College. Our roots go back to a demonstration farm in 1911 and our founding as Alberta's first agricultural college in 1913.

Crops, livestock, small animals and business. You'll live the learning in diverse settings from the field to the corral, small animal clinic to bull test station, dairy barn to riding arena. Just as there's seldom a typical day on a farm, vet clinic or agribusiness, you'll be challenged by the range of learning opportunities at Lakeland College.

There is classroom time, but there's also time on the combine, in the calving barn, on a horse, in the small animal clinic operating room...list goes on. Decide on next year's crop for the student-managed farm. Go to industry meetings and conferences.