Programs & Courses

The Farm is Part of our Campus

Lakeland’s agricultural science roots are nearly a century deep. We were founded as Vermilion School of Agriculture in 1913. Since our doors opened, agriculture has been at our college’s heart.

Today’s agricultural science courses are more sophisticated and there are many more career opportunities in a much broader industry than existed at the beginning of the last century. One thing hasn’t changed—our agricultural training is hands on.

Our Student-Managed Farm: Powered by New Holland has both crop and animal components. So whether is calving or combining, you’ll put theory into practice. These are your choices: Lakeland student-managed farm powerd by New Holland logo
  • One one-year general agriculture certificate lets you take a range of subjects on both the livestock and crops side.
  • Crop technology, a 2-year diploma, gives you the knowledge and tools to not only grow a crop, but also market it. Everyone has a role in the Student-Managed Farm as you choose crops and sell them.
  • Animal Science technology, a 2-year diploma, gives you a thorough grounding in animal husbandry through to food industry regulations. You have the flexibility to specialize in beef cattle, dairy cattle and sheep.

It's big business

Our agribusiness diploma opens many career doors from your own operation to working bankers hours. It’s also a popular route for students to stay for a third year and complete another diploma/ Or, vice-versa stay another year for another ag diploma after completing agribusiness.

Learning from the saddle

Our Western Ranch and Cow Horse program is about bringing a horse to college. Both you and your ride will have a major learning experience to become working horse and working cowboy.

All about the animals

Lakeland’s small animal clinic is a major part of your learning experience in either the Animal Health Tech or Vet Med Assistant programs

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