Agribusiness – Vermilion Campus

Agribusiness Testimonial

“With the Student-Managed Farm you learn to be accountable for what you’re doing and the choices you make. You get an understanding of what it’s like to be out in industry or on a farm making decisions that count.”

Anthony Biglieni
Agribusiness Class of 2006

Employer Testimonial

"I have had the pleasure of hiring and working with several recent graduates from the Agribusiness and Crop Technology programs at Lakeland College. We look for graduates who have a passion for agriculture, business, relationship development and display a willingness to drive towards solutions to achieve results."

"There is no doubt that the Agribusiness and Crop Technology programs at Lakeland College have tremendous relevance in today's agricultural environment. By combining core theoretical studies with hand-on practical learning, these programs prepare graduates to make important and exciting contributions to agriculture."

Arvel Lawson, M.Sc., CCA, P.Ag.
DEKALB Agronomist, East Central Alberta

Photo credit: Brian Tischler

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