Crop Technology – Diploma – Vermilion Campus

Farming isn’t as simple as growing a crop and selling it

Lakeland College Crop Technology programCrop production and marketing is now a sophisticated industry that demands strong skills and knowledge of agronomy, grain production, precision farming, and agribusiness management.
As a member of the crop team of the Student-Managed Farm (SMF) - Powered by New Holland you will be responsible for cropping, harvesting and marketing decisions.

You'll be in a conventional classroom learning theory, but the SMF is your real world, hands-on classroom where you'll put theory into practice learning how to manage a profitable farm through:
  • cropping recommendations
  • planning crop and herbicide rotations
  • selecting and operating machinery
  • marketing cereal, oilseed and specialty crops for maximum profitability
  • using current GPS and GIS technologies to apply precision farming techniques
Your business training will teach you how to manage either farm finances or a retail agriculture business.

In your 2nd year, you and your classmates run the farm from specific positions such as marketing manager. At the end of the school year, you’ll report on how your year went.

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