General Agriculture – Certificate – Vermilion Campus

Getting an Overview

sheep scaning with female and male studentIf you’re sure about agricultural studies, but not about a speciality, then our one-year general agriculture certificate should be your choice.

Learn common skills for modern agricultural operations: computer training, keeping accurate business records and using up-to-date assessment technology (GPS).

Focus on either crop or livestock production. Whatever your choice, you’ll spend at least half of your time on the college farm putting theory into practice. You’ll also learn and work on computer bookkeeping skills in a computer lab.

Crop Concentration
Learn practical field skills to identify weed and plants, assess pest problems and treatment options. Study soil fertility, tillage and seeding methods.

Livestock Concentration
Learn basic veterinary skills to observe and select sick animals and then administer vaccination/medications. Develop basic production skills to assist in dairy, cow-calf, and sheep management.

If you decide on further studies, you can earn a Lakeland diploma by choosing agribusiness, crop technology or animal science technology.

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