Set your career in motion by studying the basics of agriculture and business.

You’ll learn about accounting, agronomy, economics, marketing, organizational behaviour and salesmanship on your way to our agribusiness diploma.

Focus on your career goals when you choose your specialty. Choose from:
  1. Crops – Learn GPS to map fields. Go out to the student-managed farm fields to learn about soils, crops and fertilizers
  2. Livestock – Create rations using nutrition lessons. Learn about feedlot, cow-calf, swine and dairy management.
  3. Marketing/communications – Focus on strategies, event planning, public relations and using different media.
In student-managed enterprise courses you’ll put what you learn into real world businesses. They could be a pop-up shop, online store or a retail outlet.

Make this one of 2 diplomas in 3 years. Start with animal science or crop technology, and stay another year for agribusiness.