Programs & Courses

Not every classroom has a number

Go beyond the classroom and into forests, grasslands, wetlands, oil leases, parkland and prairie with environmental sciences at Lakeland.

Prepare for more than a job, but a career. Learn restoration, reclamation, monitoring, management, protection and conservation skills.

Start by choosing one of four majors. Develop core knowledge and field skills in your first year. This includes soils, plants, wildlife, aquatic life, ecology, mapping/GPS and environmental sustainability.

In second year you’ll dig deeper into your major. You’ll take courses such as urban conservation, oilfield and drilling waste, fisheries biology or aquatic habitat.

After you graduate, you have more options. Start your career,
or grow your tool set with:
  • a second major
  • our applied degree
  • a university degree

Our applied degree features an academic year followed by a work placement.

Lakeland also has an online renewable energy and conservation program. Start with the certificate and go on to a diploma.

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