Environmental Conservation Reclamation Major – Diploma – Vermilion Campus

ECR applied skill proficiencies include the following: 
  • Arc View GIS and GPS 
  • Map Reading and Aerial Photography Interpretation 
  • Chemical Analysis 
  • Plant Identification and Keying 
  • Weed Identification and Management Techniques 
  • Range Ecology and Health Assessments 
  • Ecological Plant Inventories and Sampling 
  • Forest Measurement Techniques 
  • Phase I and II Site Assessments
  • Revegetation Techniques
  • Wellsite Reclamation Criteria
  • Risk Assessment
  • Soil Fertility
  • Soil Conservation Techniques
  • Soil Identification and Classification
  • Soil Reclamation Strategies
  • Drilling Waste Management
  • Pesticide Applicator Certification
  • Database Use and Spreadsheet Applications
  • Statistical Literacy
  • Technical Writing  and Communicating

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