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No walls, hands-on classes

Environmental science students spend a lot of time in classrooms that don't have traditional walls. Lakeland College instructors will take you out of the classroom at every opportunity and into living laboratories.

Our galleries, see the left hand menu, will show you all about hands-on learning, field work, field trips and the real skills you'll need in the job market.

You will also find more photos and environmental topics on our Lakeland College Canada Enviro Sciences Facebook page.

In the Spotlight

In the first of an environmental sciences video playlist, see and hear from 1st year student Bailie Orange during an ecology & field biology lab. Bailie compares her Lakeland studies to her previous university experience, swapping large classrooms delivering theory for Lakeland College's hands on fieldwork.

You may stop after the first 1:25, or continue watching more about Lakeland enviro students and the environmental sciences programs.

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