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These surveys are anonymous to allow students to be as frank as they wish when they rate the programs. You can also see our previous survey results.
  • 98% were satisfied or very satisfied with their program content.
  • 95% program activities gave them insights that lectures/readings could not.
  • 93% were satisfied or very satisfied with quality of instruction.
  • 98% were satisfied or very satisfied with accessibility to staff.
  • 96% are confident they have acquired the knowledge and skills to gain employment.
  • 95% stated they would recommend their program to others.
Source: About to Graduate Survey 2013-14.

Additional strengths noted:
  • Courses were well organized and sequenced.
  • Workload was challenging yet manageable
  • Opportunities to use up-to-date facilities, equipment, and materials.
  • Library provided up-to-date supplemental resources.
  • Opportunities to hear and connect with industry representative.s
Source: About to Graduate Student Survey 2013-14.

Check the drop downs for comments from our 2010-11 About to Graduate Survey. These surveys are anonymous to allow students to be as frank as they wish. You can also read testimonials in each program area.
Conservation and Restoration Ecology (CARE) major View More ∇
Students were asked: What is/are the most important concept(s) you learned from this program?        
  • I like how we gained a good understanding on most of the ecosystems we will be working in after we graduate.      
  • Plant identification and soil classification, as well as how to write scientific reports and manage data.      
  • I learned about what restoration really means and how it works. Being able to see and participate with hands on experience really emphasizes the program. I feel this gives me an advantage in the work force
  • Learned about the importance of wetlands to the environment, how urban planning is affecting the environment, and how we can conserve urban ecosystems.
  • Ecosystem Restoration methods along with hands on experience in soil profiling, plant identification and all the other field work       
  • The concentration on the specifics (understanding function and importance of soils, hydrology, etc) allow an understanding as to be able to apply and have ideas within the restoration industry. Restoration Ecology was an excellent class that got us into the decision-making mindset required to be successful.
Other Comments:
  • I have enjoyed my experience at Lakeland and would support anyone who was considering coming here.
Environmental Conservation & Reclamation (ECR) Major View More ∇
Students were asked: What is/are the most important concept(s) you learned from this program?
  • Understanding the importance of soils on the ecosystem.
  • Some important thing I learn were; time management, the importance of quality work and how to better communicate with instructors.
  • Soil is not dirt. A weed is not always what it seems.      
  • Legislation, updated criteria and regulations, best practices, spot ID of plants and trees, GIS and mapping
Other Comments:
  • The faculty and atmosphere are awesome in this program!
Environmental Monitoring & Protection (EMP) Major View More ∇
Students were asked: What is/are the most important concept(s) you learned from this program?        
  • I gained valuable experience at Lakeland College. It has enhanced my abilities to organize my time and through the productive use of class and lab time, I feel I am ready to face any job experience.
  • Learning monitoring and field techniques for soil, water and air are skills that I feel will be very valuable for my future career. Practical, hands on experience provided in the lab is invaluable! I very much enjoyed when we would learn a concept in a morning classroom lecture, then in the afternoon would apply that concept in a “real world” scenario
  • The most important concepts I learned were how to write scientifically to communicate on a professional level. But I think that everything that I learned was both relevant and important. I especially like the practical field work, which gives you an Idea of what it is like to be out doing the job.
  • Interconnectivity of fields of study generate a great problem solving atmosphere. This course makes me realize there are no easy solutions. The atmosphere prompts in depth thinking and trouble shooting.
  • The information and techniques related to environmental sampling were the most important concepts I learned. In the diploma course I previously completed there was a fairly brief focus on the actual techniques and procedures of environmental sampling. This course went into these topics in much greater detail. I feel the education given in this course has increased my chances of getting a good job.
Other Comments:
  • I enjoyed this program and feel I’ve gained many employable skills. the program covers a broad range of skill sets which I think is very important. I like the fact that there are a variety of careers to choose from by taking this program.
  • EMP is one of the best programs at Lakeland. The instructors are always around, willing to help and still there is challenges within the course…it is an amazing program! I would recommend it to anyone.
Wildlife & Fisheries Conservation (WFC) Major View More ∇
Students were asked: What is/are the most important concept(s) you learned from this program?
  • I learned more about the importance of wildlife and habitat.
  • Small and large mammal, invertebrate, and plant identification skills, different field techniques and surveys.
  • I really think the field experience gained during class time was very valuable. It allowed for proper demonstration of techniques needed in field work and gave us the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom.
  • Practical and Field Skills, the ability to identify a range of organisms from microorganisms up to large mammals, all forms of sampling skills in both wildlife and fishery domains.
  • The most important concepts learned in this course is the biology and practical experience gained in this program. The hands on experience is invaluable in the workforce and that is what separates this program from others offered at other institutions.
  • I learned how to work with people more effectively, my public speaking skills increased.
Other Comments:
  • This was a really great program, the amount of hands on experience in the field was excellent. I really can't think of anything to improve the program... ·         this is a great program.
  • This was a great courses and am happy to have taken it.
  • Great program, I consider it to be the best program offered at Lakeland College and truly believe that I will come out with more than enough knowledge and skills to advance me through any career path I may chose in the Wildlife and Fisheries field.
  • All of the instructors have extensive knowledge of the classes they are instructing. This experience helped a lot with understanding concepts that needed further explanation. They were also available for one on one discussion and willing to help students who asked for assistance, whether they themselves helped or pointed us in the direction of someone who could. I greatly enjoyed and appreciate the opportunities that my experience at Lakeland has offered me. I know it will help me in my long term career goals.

Bachelor of Applied Science: Environmental Management View More ∇
Students were asked: What is/are the most important concept(s) you learned from this program?         
  • Hands on experience, as well as the option to learn from instructors who have had field experience.
  • Anything that pertained directly to what happens in industry. Now that I have completed my coop and have been hired on full time, I presently see how much actual industry related material we are presented with at Lakeland.
  • The importance of sustainability.
  • Writing a technical report (using many and various resources to compile it).
Other Comments:
  • The practicum component of the program was excellent and I highly recommend it for diploma students to do.
  • Thanks Lakeland for four years of fun!
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