CYC students send good "VIBE"rations

Thirteen second-year students in the child and youth care program were sending out good vibrations to Vermilion’s junior high school students at the VIBE day held January 26.

VIBE, an acronym for Vermilion Is Being Empowered, is a three-year initiative led by Alberta Health Services in collaboration with Alberta Education. It is funded through grants from Alberta Health and Wellness and aims to establish projects that provide staffing and support to implement integrated, school-based community mental health promotion, prevention, and early intervention programs. Projects are locally planned, coordinated and implemented through partnerships with Alberta Health Services Zones, school jurisdictions, parents, community agencies and regional service providers as well as organizations including Lakeland College.

Throughout the daylong event, Lakeland students facilitated a number of workshops and team projects for the 12 to 15 year old crowd that addressed topics such as mental health awareness, developing teams, cooperation, safe computer use and problem solving.

Debbie Ward, CYC instructor, says the Lakeland students used a number of different ways to engage the younger students.

“The Lakeland students wanted the junior high students to have fun while at the same time, grasp the messages that were being delivered,” says Ward. “To do this, they used games such as ‘name that tune, defend your egg, treasure hunt and drama. According to feedback received from the evaluations, these workshops were ranked among the top sessions of the day.”

The Lakeland CYC students planned and conducted VIBE day activities as part of their Facilitating Groups course. The opportunity to collaborate with the VIBE project enabled students to practice the skills they learned in class by putting them into practice in a natural environment.

“It was a great learning experience for the Lakeland College students as well as for the high school students,” says Ward.

(Feb 2012)

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