American Sign Language and Deaf Culture Studies – Certificate – Edmonton

Become fluent in American Sign Language and also gain a better understanding of deaf culture and the deaf community.

class practicing signingYou will practice in your classroom at the Alberta School for the Deaf in Edmonton, as well as participate in events during your course work, so you will learn in educational and community environments.

Along with learning sign language, this program covers the history, current trends and issues in the deaf community. As well, you'll learn how to be a hearing ally.

This certificate is a first step in becoming a professional interpreter--the second step is our Sign Language Interpreter diploma program. However, this program also allows you to apply your skills and knowledge while working as a teacher, teacher's assistant, health care worker, child and youth worker or community support worker.

Earn your certificate through part-time evening courses at the Alberta School for the Deaf at 6240 - 113 Street, Edmonton.

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