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Checklist for Schools

Initially a joint project of Lakeland College and East Central Catholic Schools, the program expanded to 3 more school divisions Buffalo Trail Public Schools, Lakeland Catholic Schools
and Prairie Land Regional Division.

Read through this school check list for details. You may also download the Guide for Schools (pdf).

There are 2 intakes each school year for the dual credit program: one in September and one in February.

Students don't pay tuition or fees, or for textbooks. 

If you'd like more information, please contact program facilitator Janice Aughey by email janice.aughey@lakelandcollege.ca, or call 780 581 0525
Information Gathering View More ∇
  • Establish a key teacher contact at your school for dual credit and provide the name of the key contact to Janice Aughey at Lakeland College.
  • Review the documents on the website or in the manual to familiarize yourself with the dual credit program.
Recruit Students View More ∇
  • Tell students about dual credit opportunities. Marketing material will be supplied by Lakeland College for school disbursement.
  • Advise students that enrolling in a dual credit course means that they are enrolling in college-level course and their work will be graded according to the same standards applied to college students. Students must understand and be prepared for the rigor of a college-level course.
  • Ensure students who wish to enrol in dual credit have not already completed the aligned high school CTS courses.
  • Ensure interested students are able to meet the expectations of dual credit courses.
  • Provide students with a Dual Credit Handbook (pdf). The handbook includes a registration form, a dual-credit agreement and consent form.
Application Package View More ∇
A complete student application package includes:
  1. Completed dual credit student registration form (pdf)
  2. Signed dual credit agreement.
  3. Signatures of student, parent/guardian and principal/teacher are needed.
  • Students must attach most recent transcripts to the registration form
  • If applicable, students must attach a copy of an IEP to determine eligibility for dual-credit opportunities.
  • Students must complete a paragraph (either on the registration from or attached) listed the reasons for their interest in this course.
  • Students must complete a paragraph (either on the registration from or attached) that details where they see themselves in five years.
What else you should know View More ∇
  • Students will be accepted on a “first qualified, first accepted” basis.
  • Lakeland College will notify students of their acceptance in the dual credit course.
  • The school key contact will receive a list of students accepted in the dual-credit course.
  • Students may be required to attend an orientation before classes start.
    Students will receive their final grade from the dual-credit teacher.
  • Marks for the high school CTS courses will be forwarded to the high school via the dual-credit teacher.
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