Educational Assistant – Certificate – Online

Develop your potential

Lakeland College Educational Assistant OnlineLooking for professional development options or starting a new career, Lakeland College's educational assistant (EA) program prepares you to support students from kindergarten through grade 12.

Choose your courses

The EA online program is flexible to your needs. Choose courses like sensory development, exceptionalities and supporting language arts from the course schedule options.

You also have specialization options such as American Sign Language or Animal Assisted Therapy. See the courses page for all our elective options.

Application and Registration

Enrolment is a two step process.
  • You must first apply to the program using ApplyAlberta.
  • Once you are accepted, you then register for your individual courses.

Please note: Program requirements, jobs & careers and further study in the left hand menu, redirect you to the information on the EA face-to-face pages.
Course registration for Fall 2017 opens on August 1, 2017
Course registration deadline is September 5, 2017--2 weeks before the  Spring Term courses start.

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