Gas Process Operator – Online & Blended

Oilfield production operators are responsible for a number of wells and specific duties vary from one position to another, and from one company to another.

Lakeland's 4-part program takes you through the theory (knowledge) and practical skills related to working as a pumper with wellhead equipment, or as a battery operator whose responsibilities include more duties.

To learn more about this job, check out the field operator occupational profile

  • Earn while you learn…giving you the flexibility of the online course but the support you may need to accomplish your studies.
  • Your course will include an instructor who will host a class each week.  You may come and sit in the class, watch the class live streamed or watch the recording.
  • There is a start date and end date to keep you on task.
  • There may be some in-class industry presentations.
  • You can sign up for 1 part OR 2 parts per semester as we will offer all 4 parts for your convenience in the Fall term and the Winter term. We recommend you sign up for 2 parts per semester.
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GPO A - EN112
Field and Facility Operations covers land survey systems, drilling methods and equipment, primary, secondary and enhanced hydrocarbon recovery, artificial lift, petroleum chemistry, flow diagrams, field operations, direct and indirect fire heaters, field operations (pigging), safety, isolation of mechanical and electrical equipment, plant fire protection, gas well production stream analysis and hydrocarbon gas sampling methods.

GPO B - EN122

Oil and Gas Process Facilities covers gas compression, principles of heat exchangers, hot oil systems, rotary pumps, centrifugal pumps, an introduction to valves, piping materials and connections, pressure relief valves, codes and standards and flare stacks.

GPO C - EN132
Gas Separation, Dehydration and Sweetening covers gas plant, low pressure production facilities, mass transfer operations, amine gas sweetening, sulphur recovery, sulphur plant operation, dehydration, dry desiccant dehydration, refrigeration and introduction to fractionation.

GPO D - EN142
Facility Power, Control and Environment covers introduction to electricity, instrumentation terms and units, process control, level measurement, pressure measurement, temperature measurement, flow measurement introduction, liquid flow measurement, flow measurement gas, resume writing, programmable logic controllers (PLC), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), product, chemical and waste storage, waste disposal and vegetation management.
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Total Fees Hours
GPO A - EN112 Jan 2018 $560 + $250 tech fee 45
GPO B - EN122 Jan 2018 $560 + $250 tech fee 45
GPO C - EN132 Jan 2018 $560 + $250 tech fee 45
GPO D - EN142 Jan 2018 $560 + $250 tech fee 45

All course registrations are subject to a $15 Comprehensive Fee and $25 Student Association Fee. These fees are mandatory and must be paid at the time of registration.
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Registration Information:

Register online, or call toll-free 1 800 661 6490 ext 5712, direct in Lloydminster at 780 871 5712.

  1. Registration is now open.
  2. This is an online blended course. 
  3. There are no pre-requisites for this course.
  4. An online orientation will be held on the first night of the class.
  5. Schedule is subject to change. Instructors will notify you of changes in advance.
  6. Upon completion of the 4 courses a certificate of completion will be given.

Refund Policy:
  • Online courses are non-refundable.
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Michelle Armstrong
Direct: 780 871 5527
Toll-Free: 1 800 661 6490 ext 5527
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