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Your Proctor

You will need a proctor to write your power engineering exams. This is required as part of your provincial certification.

Keep in mind that your proctor can't be a power engineer and they can't be related to you. Learn more about proctor guidelines.
There are separate registration forms for 4th class power engineering proctors and 3rd class power engineering proctors.

Your Exam

Check out your student responsibilities.

You are able to bring specific items to your exams. Please see the drop downs.
What you can bring to an exam View More ∇
For information on what you are allowed to bring into the exam please check the Alberta Safety Boilers Association web page on examination information.

In brief:
You are allowed to use, and may be provided, the following items in the examination room. These are normally available for all classes:
  • The Safety Codes Act and Regulations under the Safety Codes Act
  • CSA B51, Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Pressure Piping Code
  • CSA B52, Mechanical Refrigeration Code
  • Extract for CSA B51 and CSA B52 Codes
  • ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Codes except for Sections VI and VII
  • The 2007ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code Academic Extract and Supplement produced by PanGlobal Training Systems
  • ASME/ANSI B31.1 Pressure Piping Code and B31.3 Process Piping Code
  • Handbook of Formulae and Physical Constants, Steam Tables and Refrigeration Tables are normally provided.
  • A non-technical English language dictionary
  • Pens and pencils
  • Non-programmable calculator. If your calculator is programmable you must reset it in front of the proctor to ensure that the memory is clear. The proctor may request you take the battery out to erase the memory.
  • Drawing instruments and drawing templates
Student Responsibilities View More ∇
  1. Students must present a government approved photo ID to their proctor for verification.
  2. Students must leave all items that are not allowed in the examination outside the exam room in a safe and secure place. Students are not permitted to bring in cell phones, coats, bags, backpacks, unauthorized books.
  3. If, this is a closed book exam, students are not permitted to use the internet nor books that have not been approved or suggested by the instructor.
  4. Calculators are permitted but all history and/or programming should be erased from it before the starts.
  5. Students must make sure to save their progress frequently and must make sure that they submit the examination before the time limit is up.
  6. If the student does not follow these guidelines they risk being failed.
Preparing to Write the Exam View More ∇
ABSA has a couple of information sheets to help you as you prepare and write your power engineering exam.
Check out the resources on Lakeland's Learning Commons study skills section. This includes combating exam anxiety and achieving exam day success.
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