Power Engineering – Pre-physics and Math for power engineers.

Gain confidence in your math and physics skills. This 90-day course will help you prepare to study power engineering.

The course covers both applied math and applied mechanics.You'll start with an introduction and course outline. The course includes 12 lectures,with corresponding quizzes. Your instructor is available by email. You'll finish with a 75 question final exam.See course outline below for details.
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The course is divided into applied math and applied mechanics.

Here's the breakdown

Applied mathematics includes:
  1. Basic mathematics
  2. Fractions, percent, equations
  3. Geometry and trigonometry
  4. Units and mensuration
Applied Mechanics
  1. Applied mechanics introduction
  2. Scalar and vector properties
  3. Moment and beams
  4. Energy, power, pressure
  5. Friction
  6. Simple machines
  7. Stress and strain
  8. Linear and rotational motion
Review the PDF course outline.

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  • Register online for QPER 192. 
  • Registration is always open.
  • You 90 days to finish the course from your registration date.
  • A one-time,  1-month extension may be granted for a cost of $100.
  • There is no refund once logged in for the fist time.
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  • Tuition - $300 plus $15 GST
  • A one-time,  1-month extension may be granted for a cost of $100
  • You 90 days to finish the course from your registration date.
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Lakeland College learning management system (LMS), Desire2Learn for this course.

High speed internet is recommended, as is using either Firefox or Chrome browsers for the best user experience.

You should:
  • have access to a computer and high speed internet
  • have computer and web skills in order to do course work
  • read and write English as all of course courses are conducted in English 
  • be prepared to submit course work and complete exams within the timelines provided
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Email Shelly Pewapsconias at shelly.pewapsconias@lakelandcollege.ca to set up your final exam.
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For more information, please contact Raelean Hickson
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