Renewable Energy and Conservation – Certificate or Diploma – Online

Creating Your Future in Renewable Energy

Lakeland College Rob Baron fitting photovoltaic solar panels to our CSI facilityAs more people decide to minimize their carbon footprint and use renewable energy, your expertise will be in demand. So, gain the knowledge and practical skills to be a leader in the developing renewable energy and energy conservation sector.

You can choose to start with our certificate program, and then build more knowledge and skills by taking a second level of renewable energy and conservation courses and earn a diploma.

In our certificate program you'll be studying a broad range of topics related to global warming, climate change, skyrocketing energy costs, lifestyle choices and the possibilities of renewable energy and implications of conservation. You'll learn about energy use and availability, energy audits and conservation practices.

The diploma program goes a step further and is geared for someone who wants a career in renewable energy. You'll study renewable energy systems, system installation, water management and building design.

Both programs are offered online, giving you the option of full-time and part-time study (Although you do need to commit to about 10 -15 hours a week per course).

In both programs you'll work with real time data from our four energy data research sites. The diploma has the added benefit of an onsite course at our Centre for Sustainable Innovation (CSI) located on our Vermilion campus. You'll be able to access our energy cabin live data online from the e-cabin website wherever you are.

Program choice flow chart
Entry to our online Renewable Energy and Conservation program is flexible depending on various pre-requisites.

Click on the thumbnail to download an overview of the entry points and options.

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