Renewable Energy and Conservation – Certificate or Diploma – Online

Program Requirements

  • Access to a computer and high speed internet
  • Basic understanding of math, chemistry and physics applications.
  • Ability to commit 10 to15 hours per week per course.
  • Be prepared to submit course work and complete examinations within timelines. 
  • Students entering the program without a high school diploma may not qualify for transferability of credit to some other post-secondary programs.
  • Students should register two weeks before the course start date to guarantee delivery of textbooks and resource materials. Note: You must first apply to the program and then register for individual courses. See the application and registration page for details.
For inquiries, please call 1 800 661 6490 ext. 8789 or in Vermilion 780 853 8789.

Graduation Requirements

Students who successfully complete  all the required certificate level courses with a minimum grade point average of 2.0 will be awarded a Certificate in Renewable Energy and Conservation.

Students who successfully complete all required courses for the certificate and the diploma level courses and with a minimum grade point average of 2.0 or better will be awarded a Diploma in Renewable Energy and Conservation.

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