Animal Science Technology – Diploma – Vermilion Campus

Husbandry & Enterprise3 young women leading young dairy heifers

You’ll be immersed on the livestock side of Lakeland’s Student-Managed Farm when you take animal science technology.

Your hands-on training in animal husbandry and livestock enterprise management will blend with knowledge you’ll acquire about food industry regulations and environmental issues. End result: you’ll be an integral part of maintaining health and safety for both livestock and humans.

Your live-the-learning experience includes learning:
  • Practical skills to manage feeding and health of livestock
  • Proper and safe handling of beef and dairy cattle and sheep
  • How to artificially inseminate cattle and assist with calving and lambing.
  • Additional theory about maintaining business records of an agricultural operation.
  • How to assess key economic principles to market and develop business plans
  • How to create an environmental farm plan for your family operation.

When applying to Animal Science Technology you will have the option to choose one of our 3 majors;

Beef – focus your skills in this major towards beef production, cow-calf and feedlot

Dairy - focus your diploma towards the dairy industry on whether you want to return to the family dairy or work within the dairy industry

Livestock – this is a mix of electives to give you a more rounded look at livestock operations including choices from beef, sheep and or dairy