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Petroleum Management Diploma

Petroleum Management is a unique diploma program that provides leadership and management skills for Canadian oil and gas operators to move from operations to a leadership role.

Students come from a variety of roles in the petroleum industry including oil and gas field operations, plant operations, field and plant maintenance and pipeline and facilities construction.

You will learn the necessary skills and knowledge to work safely and effectively in a management role and provide the leadership necessary to excel and advance your career.

How to get started
To be accepted, you must show leadership experience and a commitment to the work required before and after the classroom portion of the courses. You'll also need a recommendation from your supervisor.

Admission Routes
  1. Petroleum Industry Training Certificate- issued by Lakeland College after completing an approved competency of training through CMDS.
  2. Credentials from one of these Lakeland College programs:
  3. 4th class power engineering certification from anywhere in Canada
  4. Petroleum engineering technology diploma
  5. Journeyman ticket
  6. University degree in energy or environmental sciences
  7. other petroleum related program will be considered.

PI 207 Leadership

This course provides an overview of contemporary thought on leadership, and the leader's role within the context of the oil and gas sector. You'll apply current leadership theory to the daily leadership challenges encountered in the workplace. 3 Credits

PI 201 Management Practices

This course provides the most current business techniques to assist supervisors and managers in fulfilling business objectives. The focus is on current management issues and challenges faced in day to day work, particularly when working in an operational environment within oil and gas. You'll explore and define best practices in managing for success within the current work environment,including the guiding of effective work groups focused on production and the bottom line, while ensuring compliance within legislative requirements and respect for the dignity of the individual. 3 Credits

PI 217 Environmental Stewardship

This course is designed to ensure that as a supervisor you have the necessary information to understand responsible industry development and legislative requirements for the environmental protection of air, land, water and wildlife. Topics include processes and procedures that companies must follow to ensure that legislative requirements are being met and costs are being minimized as a result of company activity and its impact on the environment. 3 Credits

PI 209 Plant Turnaround

Covers the design and implementation of shut-down plans so that maintenance work can be scheduled and completed effectively with as little down time and cost as possible. A turnaround is unique type of project with large impacts on revenue and costs if not managed properly. The examination of proven approaches and industry best practices is included in order to provide you with the knowledge to complete the required tasks successfully as well as to coach others. 3 Credits

PI 202 Process Optimization - Field and Plant

This course covers development of knowledge and skills needed for you to optimized the performance, cost and results of your facility in the course of normal operations. Identifications of key areas to monitor and change will result in faster response time, improved values, reduced expenses and a more profitable operation. 3 Credits

PI 208 Emergency Response Planning

This course covers the fundamentals of emergency response management as it pertains to the oil and gas industry.  A management perspective on response philosophies, provincial and federal regulatory requirements and key response activities of emergency responders is provided. 3 Credits

PI 203 Petroleum Industry Safety

This course provides the front line supervisor of a petroleum facility with the background to understand the components of a company's safety management system and the importance of ensuring that each site has a Safe Management Program. Learn about regulatory requirements as well as what causes incidents and how intervention before an incident can be optimized. 3 Credits

PI 215 Financial Accounting

This course provides field supervisors and managers with the fundamentals needed to understand the principles that guide a company in its financial dealings and how data is collected and analyzed to facilitate this process.  Emphasis is placed on the application of financial accounting principles and procedures within the oil and gas operations. 3 Credits

PI 210 Regulatory Compliance

A field or facility manager needs to know the legal and regulatory requirements related to petroleum production, processing and transportation requirements. Particular focus is on regulations, codes and guidelines as established by provincial regulatory bodies. 3 Credits

PI 205 Employment Relations

Develop knowledge and skills needed to mange/lead people in a manner that is in compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements. Also covered is the development of skills to effectively recruit and select staff; orient and train them; compensate and retain them; provide effective performance development; manage problem issues. 3 Credits

Schedule & Tuition

Program Dates Days Time Tuition Hours
PI 207 Leadership Oct 3-4, 2017 T/W 8am-5 pm $900
PI 201 Management Practices Oct 24-25, 2017 T/W 8am-5 pm $900
PI 217 Environmental Stewardship Nov 14-15, 2017 T/W 8am-5 pm $900
PI 209 Plant Turnaround Feb 20-21, 2018 T/W 8am-5 pm $900
PI 202 Process Optimization - Field and Plant Feb 22-23, 2018 TH/F 8am-5 pm $900
PI 208 Emergency Response Planning Jan 23-24, 2018 T/W 8am-5pm $900
PI 203 Petroleum Industry Safety Mar 27-28, 2018 T/W 8am-5pm $900
PI 215 Financial Accounting Apr 10-11, 2018 T/W 8am-5pm $900
PI 210 Regulatory Compliance Apr 17-18, 2018 T/W 8am-5pm $900
PI 205 Employment Relations Apr 24-25, 2018 T/W 8am-5pm $900

Registration Information

Note: All tuition fees include materials.

Register online or call  direct 780 871 5783 or toll-free1 800 661 6490 ext. 5783. Call the same number for more information.

Withdrawl and Refund Policy:  Course with 1-3 meeting times:100% refund when you withdraw 2 full working days before the course start date.  No refund after that.