Gasfitter – Vermilion Campus

Gasfitters are hired by:
  • utility companies to repair and extend gas mains, and install, repair and service pipes and fittings between mains and buildings.
  • propane distributors to install and service propane vaporizers, temporary heating equipment, propane metering and dispensing equipment, and propane pumping equipment.
  • mechanical and service companies to install and maintain piping

Gasfitters may also:
  • install and repair underground gas mains and distribution pipes
  • respond to calls about escaping gas
  • assist in investigating gas fires and explosions
  • convert motor vehicles or appliances to use other fuels (for example propane or natural gas)
  • install and service propane and natural gas filling stations and appliances in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Employers hire Lakeland Grads

  • 100 % of employers would hire a Lakeland grad again
  • 100% of employers would recommend Lakeland grads to other employers
  • 100% of employers are satisfied with the quality of Lakeland College grads
Source: 2016 Lakeland College Employer Survey conducted by insightrix

What our Alumni say
92 % are grads are happy in their jobs. Their satisfaction goes up if the job is related to their program
Source: 2016 Lakeland College Graduate Survey of Class of 2014. Conducted by insightrix


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