Gasfitter – Vermilion Campus

Admission Requirements

Recommended path is an Alberta High School Diploma with:
  • English 30-2
  • Math 30-3
  • Physics 30 or Chemistry 30 or Science 30
  • Related Career & Technology Studies
Minimum requirements:
  • English 20-2
  • Math 20-3
  • Science 10, or
  • Entrance Exam

Apprenticeship also requires:
  • You must find suitable employment with an employer who is a journeyman or employs a journeyman in the trade of your choice.
  • Once employed, apprenticeship application forms must be signed by you and your employer. These forms are available from the Alberta Apprenticeship & Industry Training (AIT) regional offices.
  • If you think you have related work experience and/or training which could be credited toward your apprenticeship, discuss it with your employer and request credit on the application form.
  • You must meet educational qualifications required for the trade in which you apply or you will be required to write an approved entrance exam.
  • Once your application for apprenticeship is approved and your school transcripts or entrance exam marks are recorded, final approval is given and contracts are drawn up.

Graduation Requirements

An Alberta Journeyman Certificate is granted to apprentices who:
  • Completes the required hours of on-the-job training and receives a satisfactory report from the supervisor
  • Successfully completes the formal instruction
  • Passes all required examinations
  • Has forwarded their record book to the Career Development Centre, AIT for completion
  • When apprentices receive an Alberta Journeyman Certificate, they can use the term certified with the name of the trade. Journeyman wages should now be paid.

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