Instrument Technician – Vermilion Campus

Red Seal

A Red Seal shows that you have successfully completed an inter provincial standards examination. You’ll get a distinctive red seal to attach to your journeyman certificate.

The Red Seal Program encourages the standardization of apprenticeship training and certification programs across Canada.  The program is administered by the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA) in each province and territory. A national occupational analysis of each Red Seal trade is used as a base document for inter provincial exams and is encouraged for use in curriculum development. 

For more information about the Red Seal and how to obtain it, visit the Red Seal website

Blue Seal

blank blue seal for business competenciesIf you have a valid Alberta Journeyman Certificate, you are eligible to receive a Blue Seal business credential after completing 150 hours of study in an approved business program.

The Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board established the Achievement in Business Competencies Program, also known as the Blue Seal Program. The program both encourages and recognizes business studies by anyone who is already certified in an Alberta designated trade or occupation.

For more information about Blue Seal, visit the Blue Seal website.

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