Pre-employment Electrician – Vermilion Campus

Required Courses

EL 100 Electrical Theory 4
Introduction designed to develop skills in and increase knowledge of principles of electricity, magnetism, and electrical measuring devices. Introduced to resistors, DC sources, circuits and conductors. Study basic mathematics as applies to electrical field. Co-requisites: EL 101, EL 102, and EL 110.
EL 101 Canadian Electrical Code 4
This introductory course on the Canadian Electrical Code is designed to acquaint the student with all the sections that are required for a first year Electrical Apprentice. Prerequisites: EL100, EL102, and EL110.
EL 102 Electrical Lab Fundamentals 4
Covers basic control circuits, safety, splicing and termination of conductors, basic alarm systems, and use of basic electrical hand tools. Includes WHMIS, basic job skills such as wire pulling, termination, and conduit bending, and basic wiring methods for non-metallic cable, flexible conduit, and metal conduit. Co-requisites: EL 100, EL 101, and EL 110.
EL 110 Pre-employment Electrical Practicum 3
This practicum course requires completion of four continuous weeks of work experience. Students are assigned work experience in an electrical operating environment. This practicum provides an opportunity to observe and contribute to the operation of the host's organization. P/F. Prerequisites: EL100, EL101, EL102, and SA120.
SA 120 Safety Training -
Prepare to recognize safety hazards, avoid dangerous actions and perform basic rescue when needed. Includes variety of safety modules but not limited to: WHMIS, H2S Alive, CPR and First Aid, Confined Space Entry, Defensive Driving, Transport of Dangerous Goods, Construction Safety Training System. Modules chosen based upon needs of individual class. Each module includes combination of both theory and practice. Upon successful completion of written and practical examinations, candidates issued a certificate. All modules delivered by accredited in-house staff or by contracted outside agencies. P/F.

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