Street Rod Technologies – Certificate – Lloydminster

Tuition, Fees & More

The following table breaks down your costs for the SRT program. It includes rent and other living expenses that you should budget for, but this is just an estimate.

SRT Program Expenses

Full year
Comprehensive fees
This mandatory fee supports academic and health services, athletics and access to recreational facilities. The SA fee includes health & dental plan.

Subtotal $20,702
Note: You supply the vehicle for your project and may have associated expenses.

Living & Other Expenses

*This total is an approximate for budgeting based on Alberta student loan guidelines for a single student living away from home at $1,128/month including rent.

Your total may be more or less. See below for the accommodation & other living expenses to use as a guideline in estimating your total expenses.
Estimated total cost
Other living expenses include:
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Personal care & clothing
  • Entertainment
  • Phone & utilities

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