Bachelor of Education (elementary) – Lloydminster Campus

Choosing the Elementary RouteLakeland College University Transfer for elementary education

You'll really know if you are cut out for teaching youngsters when you interact with them in a school setting. Whether it's a PEDS class where you work an elementary physical education class or take your Math Fair game to grade 3 students, you'll discover if this is the career you want.

Education is one of the most popular transfer routes at Lakeland.

Most of our students go on to the University of Alberta or Saskatchewan, but you also have other options.What courses you take with us will depend on the major or minor you are considering. Those choices will also determine whether you'll be at Lakeland for one or two years.

Check out the courses we offer as well as the admission requirements of the university you plan to attend. Our academic advisor will help you make the right choice for you.

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