Bachelor of Science (Nursing) – Lloydminster Campus

Unversity of Saskatchewan

ENGL 112 English Literature in a Historical Perspective 6
Studies in the social and cultural history of literature in English. Not to be taken by students with 6 credits in approved junior English. Prerequisite: English 30-1 or equivalent
NS 110 Historical Perspectives in Native Studies 3
This course is a thematic introduction to the historical relationships, colonial contexts, and social, political, and cultural patterns that have shaped the contemporary situation of Aboriginal peoples in Canada. Prerequisite: English 30-1 or equivalent
NS 111 Contemporary Perspectives in Native Studies 3
An overview of various major issues facing Canadian Aboriginal peoples and governments today. The focus of the course will be from a Native Studies perspective and will deal with issues such as land, self-government, economic development, education, and health. Prerequisite: English 30-1 or equivalent
CHEM 101 Introductory University Chemistry I 3

Atoms and molecules, states of matter, chemistry of the elements. Prerequisite: Chemistry 30 or equivalent

BIOL 107 Introduction to Cell Biology 3

An introduction to cell structure and function. Major topics include the molecules and structures that comprise prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, the mechanisms by which energy is harvested and used by cells, how cells reproduce, and how information is stored and used within a cell via the processes of DNA replication, transcription, and translation. Prerequisite: Biology 30 and Chemistry 30. (Note: BIOL 107 is not a prerequisite for BIOL 108.)

STAT 151 Introduction to Applied Statistics I 3

Data collection and presentation, descriptive statistics. Probability distributions, sampling distributions and the central limit theorem. Point estimation and hypothesis testing. Correlation and regression analysis. Goodness of fit and contingency table. Prerequisite: Pure MATH 30 or equivalent

NUTR 110 Introductory Nutrition 3

This course provides an introduction to human nutrition. The macronutrients and major micronutrients and their functions in the body are introduced. Recommended nutrient intakes and guidelines are described. Nutrition issues facing the general public throughout the lifecycle are discussed. Prerequisite: English 30-1 or equivalent

PSYCO 104 Basic Psychological Processes 3

Principles and development of perception, motivation, learning and thinking and their relationship to the psychological functioning of the individual. Prerequisite: English 30-1 or equivalent

Students may complete the first year at Lakeland College and then apply to transfer to the U of S. The pre-professional year will be foundational to the nursing program and will include courses in the humanities, as well as the natural, social and health sciences. Students will be given the opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary scholarly learning experiences typical of a general first year of arts and sciences.

First-year students at Lakeland College choose 30 credits from the following required courses:

  • BIOL 107
  • CHEM 101
  • ENGL 112 (See Note 1)
  • NS 110 or NS 111
  • NUTR 110
  • PSYCO 104/105
  • STAT 151 (See Note 2)
  • 3 credits open electives (excluding HEED 110)

Students must achieve a minimum weighted average of 60% in the required courses.

Note 1: ENGL 112 is a six-credit course, so it meets the three-credit English requirement at the U of S and fills a three-credit elective.

Note 2: The U of S requires only Math A30 and B30 (with Math C30 as recommended) for Saskatchewan students with the old mathematics curriculum. However, students beginning their studies at Lakeland College require Math C30 as a prerequisite for STAT 151. Under the new high school curriculum, Math 30-2 or Foundations of Math 30 is recommended for STAT 151.


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