Pre-veterinary Medicine – Lloydminster Campus

Choosing Animal Care

If your goal is direct care of big and/or small animals, than a career in veterinary medicine may be for you.

Members of the profession of Veterinary Medicine are primarily responsible for the health of farm livestock and poultry, as well as pets. Veterinarians diagnose animal illnesses, treat diseased and injured animals, perform surgery, provide preventive medical services, and provide advice regarding the care and breeding of animals.

Other job opportunities can be found in government service and public health, such as inspection of production, storage and distribution of animal food products. Research and teaching are also options.

Prospective veterinarians must complete at least two years of pre-professional study followed by a four-year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program. Because of the competitive nature of the program, most applicants for DVM programs will have to complete more than two years of university work in a related faculty such as science or agriculture before being admitted to the degree program.

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