What Students Say

What do students say about University Transfer programs?

Our students provide you a first hand account of their experiences through surveys and testimonies.

Students Love Lakeland!

  • 98% were satisfied or very satisfied with their program content.
  • 95% program activities gave them insights that lectures/readings could not.
  • 93% were satisfied or very satisfied with quality of instruction.
  • 98% were satisfied or very satisfied with accessibility to staff.
  • 96% are confident they have acquired the knowledge and skills to gain employment.
  • 95% stated they would recommend their program to others.
Source: About to Graduate Survey 2013-14.

Additional strengths noted:
  • Courses were well organized and sequenced.
  • Workload was challenging yet manageable
  • Opportunities to use up-to-date facilities, equipment, and materials.
  • Library provided up-to-date supplemental resources.
  • Opportunities to hear and connect with industry representative.s
Source: About to Graduate Student Survey 2013-14.

Check the drop downs for comments from our 2010-11 About to Graduate Survey. These surveys are anonymous to allow students to be as frank as they wish. You can also read testimonials in each program area.

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