Academic Fees

Academic Fees

Tuition is the major mandatory fee you will pay at Lakeland College. However, it is not the only mandatory fee.

This page lists the different types of fees that you will pay, and some fees that you may pay during the course of the admission process or during the academic year.
Tuition/mandatory fees
Total mandatory fees include tuition, comprehensive fees, course specific fees, the Students Association fee and Health and Dental premium for qualifying students.

Please Note:
  • Fees will vary according to program enrolled in, the number of courses and credits taken, or course specific fees assessed.
  • Tuition fees are adjusted each year according to the regulations of Alberta's Tuition Fee Policy.

Check our fee calculator for detailed fee information for your program.

Comprehensive fee
This mandatory fee supports academic and health services, athletics and access to recreational facilities. 
Course specific fees
These fees cover costs associated with specific courses that are not directly related to instruction. Fees will vary depending upon course selection.
Students' Association fees
The Lakeland College Students' Association assesses a membership fee from all students enrolled in credentialed programs.

The Students' Association advocates for all students and their concerns on a local, provincial, and national level. The SA provides several bursaries and other awards each year.
  • A mandatory health and benefit plan for most full-time on-campus students. See benefit plan details at
  • A welcome package that includes the SA day planner, several free items and a variety of information. Offsite students may request a day planner by contacting the SA office in Vermilion at 780 853 8484.
  • Access to all the SA programs, prize giveaways and events throughout the year.
  • Free grad gown rentals, a souvenir grad hat and tassel, and the convocation tea.
  • Free apprentice graduation breakfast for journeyman students
International student fees
International students pay a surcharge on tuition.
Books, supplies, field trip & practicum expenses
You are responsible for the cost of classroom materials, books and equipment, field trips, and practicum expenses.

Check out our fee calculator for an estimate of your programs' expenses.
Miscellaneous fees
Service Fee
Application Fee  $90
Audit Fee   regular course or program fee
Challenge Exam regular course or program fee
Duplicate T2202A Fee 
EST, 1001  & FEST re-examinations $145
Late Registration Fee/Late Fee $200
Lost Cheque $25
NSF Cheque $25
Program Registration change $100
Re-appraisal/re-read of paper/lab/exam $200
Re-examination $200
Replacement of: credentials/graduation document $100
Replacement of: Student ID card/FOB $20
Special projects (minimum) $200
Environmental Sciences Capstone Extension $500
Exam Reschedule $200
Session Change Fee  $100

Fee payments - new information
Fees are assessed by semester and are due on or before registration day.

How to pay

  • Lakeland College accepts payment by cheque, money order, Interac, Visa or MasterCard. Cheques or money orders should be made payable to Lakeland College.
  • Credit card payments can also be made on My Lakeland. New students will be emailed My Lakeland log-on information approximately 3 weeks before registration.
  • Cash should not be sent through the mail. Sponsored students (eg Human Resources Canada, Workers’ Compensation) must supply a letter of commitment from the sponsoring agency at or before registration.

Paying with Student Loans

If you are paying your fees with a student loan, at least one semester of mandatory fees will be deducted. Saskatchewan student loan holders will have the full year’s mandatory fees deducted, if sufficient funds are available.

Consequences of non-payment

  • Failure to pay your fees on the due date will result in a $200 late fee being charged to your account. An additional $100 fee will be charged for each week thereafter on any outstanding balance.
  • Non-payment of fees will result in cancellation of your registration at Lakeland College.
  • Applications and registrations for students with outstanding accounts will not be processed.
  • If you have an outstanding account, your examination results, official transcripts, diplomas/certificates, and other information and services will be withheld.
Fee Refunds
For most programs refund schedule. Please refer to the Office of The Registrar for refund schedules on all other programming.

Refunds are calculated on the basis of your official withdrawal date from Lakeland College. You must follow the proper withdrawal procedure through the Registrar’s Office.
  • 100% refund of current semester fees (less tuition deposit) if you withdraw in the first 14 days following the term start date (see Term Dates schedule).
  • No refund of current semester fees if you withdraw after the 29th day following the term start date.
Students who are required to withdraw do not receive a refund.

For more information on the dates to withdraw refer to or the term dates and academic schedule.
Tax Receipts
Tuition and Education Amount Certificates (T2202A) will be issued at the end of February for qualifying programs taken the previous calendar year. Receipts are available on-line for students with My Lakeland accounts. Receipts are mailed to apprentices at their home address.
Tuition Deposit
After you are accepted, you pay a tuition deposit to guarantee your spot in the program.

This applies if:
  • you are in the first year of a program
  • you are in a one-year program
  • you a new students in the 2nd year of a program
  • to first year students, or if you are a new
This deposit comes with a deadline. You risk losing your seat if don’t pay by date on your admission letter.

How much do I owe?
Your program tuition deposit is $250. This fee is effective for programs that begin in Fall 2018.

There are exceptions. Tuition deposits for the following programs are $500:
  • Animal Health Technology (AHT)
  • Veterinary Medical Assistant (VMA)
  • Firefighter Training
  • Emergency Services Technology (EST)
If you are an international student, the tuition deposit is $1,500 for all programs.

When is my deposit due?
Your admission letter gives your tuition deposit deadline date as well as instructions about how to pay.

Refund policy
If you are a domestic student, tuition deposits are non-refundable. There are exceptions and those are noted in your offer letter.

If you are an international student, tuition deposits are also non-refundable.  However; should your study permit is denied, you are then are eligible for a $1,000 refund. You must request this with the Refund Request form and you must include a copy of the letter denying your study permit.
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