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applyalberta is how you apply to a post-secondary institution in Alberta.

Apply Alberta's site has all the information about how the common application process works. After you register for a secure logon and fill in some basic information, you'll choose to go to the Lakeland College application form.

Please note: An Alberta Student Number (ASN) is required to complete an applyalberta application. If you're from Alberta, the system will try to find your number. If you don't have an ASN, the system will assign one.

This system requires using a credit card; either VISA and MasterCard. If you don't have a credit card, please contact the enrolment specialist for your program.

If your program has a wait-list

We encourage you to apply, even if your chosen program has a wait-list. Why?:
  • Wait-lists do move. You could move up before fall registration.
  • After fall registration, you will be contacted. If you are interested in attending the next academic year, we will process your application at no charge and send you an offer letter in October for following academic year.

Continuing studies in same program If you're coming back in the fall to the same program, you do not re-apply. For example, for the 2nd year of a 2-year program. We assume you are returning, unless you drop by your campus student services office in person, or email

Been away for a semester or more?

If you've had a break in your studies of one semester or more, then you must reapply online for the program.


If you are a registered apprentice, you don't use applyalberta. You register for your program with Lakeland College.

Using Chrome?Google Chrome logo You may wish to switch browsers before going to applyalberta. Some people experience difficulties paying the application fee if they are using Chrome 32.

If you have any difficulty or have a question about the application process, please e-mail us at
Currently wait listed programs for 2017-18
Wait-lists do move, so please do apply. However, we want you to know when a wait-list exists.

Current wait listed programs:
  • Pre-employment electrical - Feb 2018 intakes
If you don't have a credit card, please contact an enrolment specialist
If you don't have a credit card, please contact the enrolment specialist for your program.
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