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Ag-Citing 2018

female student in pink scrubs shows sticky notes on different parts of a live horse
Ag-Citing is all about our agricultural science programs, and it's also right at the beginning of Little Royal Weekend, so there is more to stick around and see.

You don't have to wait for Ag-Citing 2018 to visit Lakeland.
  • Come for a tour, and or, be a student for the day. Fill out our tour request form.
  • Visit during Open House in late October
  • Ag-Citing will be March 9, 2018
Check out some of the activities during Ag-Citing 2017 in the slideshow below.

Morning Schedule
There's an official welcome at 9 am at the Alumni Hall Theatre where you'll meet staff, instructors and others, as well as more about the day's events.

A final schedule will be available on the day. Room numbers and some sessions may change, but this tentative schedule gives you a good idea of the day's activities.

9 am

Meet & Greet
Alumni Hall Theatre, AH169

9:30 am

Calving 101
Animal Science Technology
This session is repeated at 2:30 pm
Red Barn
Western Ranch & Cow Horse
MB 123
Farm Tours
Repeated at 11:30 am and 1:30 pm
Meet at the back of Mead building

10 am

You Want me to Put my Hand Where?
Animal Science Technology
Cattle/Sheep facility
Soil Pores - Just a Big Nothing Crop Technology
MB 113

10:30 am

Residence Tours repeated at 2 & 3 pm.
Meet outside the cafeteria in Alumni Hall
SMF Integrated pest Management Lab
Crop Technology
AL 146
Pleasure Riding vs Performance Training
Western Ranch & Cow Horse
MB 123
Mind Your Business
Repeated at 2 pm
MB 112
The Animal Health Care Team: Come & be a Part of it
Animal Health Technology
Come in and visit with our students and the animals
This session is also offered at 1:30 pm
Small Animal Clinic

11 am

Give me a “V,” Give me an “M,” Give me an “A,” What Does It Spell?
 – A Vital Part of the Medical Care Team

Veterinary Medical Assistant
 Small Animal Clinic
 Waitlisted -- What to do next?
Animal Health Technology/Veterinary Medical Assistant
MB 112

11:30 am - noon

 Parent Info Session
MB 112
Student Info Session MB 130


  • Come to a $5 pancake breakfast in MB 122 from 7:30 - 9 am
  • Our cafeteria also opens at 7:30. Get your first taste of the LC egger


Is on your own, but you have lots of options. Sessions don't start again until 1 pm. But don't miss the rodeo Q&A at noon.
  • Visit the cafeteria for short order, specials or the deli
  • Go off campus
  • Try one of the marketing class food booths in the Mead Building, the Pit (Trades wing) and Academic Link. The booths will be open from 11 am to 2 pm. Each group is raising funds for a charity.Watch for menus when available and signs around campus.
  • MB122 is available for eating your lunch, or just to drop in to rest and relax throughout the day.
Over the Wall Tacos
Mead Building Entrance Hallway
  • Taco-in-a-bag $5
  • Drinks $2
  • Churro $1
Brisket + The Pit (Trades Wing)
Full Meal Deal - $12
Homestyle smoked brisket sandwich with your choice of BBQ sauce plated with delicious mashed potatoes & gravy, and a side coleslaw

Just The Meat
- $7
Homestyle smoked brisket sandwich with your choice of BBQ sauce

  • Mash Em' Up - $3 - Delicious garden mashed potatoes topped with gravy
  • Coleslaw - $2
  • Caramelized Onions - $1
  • Cheese - $1

Refreshments - $2 - Variety of Coca- Cola products
Academic Link
Sweet chili chicken, teriyaki beef and Italian veggie kebobs
  • Meal - chicken or beef kebob, veggie kebob, cake pop & juice $8
  • Coffee $1
  • Cake pop $1
Farm & Residence Tours
We've added both an extra farm tour and residence tour for 2017.

Farm tours will be at
  • 9:30 am
  • 11:30 am
  • 1:30 pm .
Meet at the back of the Mead Building (west doors) for the tour.

Residence tours are at:
  • 10:30 am
  • 2 pm
  • 3 pm
Meet outside the cafeteria in Alumni Hall.
Afternoon Schedule

Noon - 12:15

Rodeo Q & A
with Katelyn Ellis

1 -1:30 pm

Get your financial questions answered
Financial aid & awards will answer your questions
MB 136

1:30 pm

Lambing in Action
Animal Science Technology
Sheep Barn
The Animal Health Care Team: Come & be a Part of it
Animal Health Technology
This session is also offered at 10:30 am
Small Animal Clinic
SMF Soils Lab
Crop Technology
MB 113
Farm Tour
Last farm tour of the day
Also offered at 9:30 & 11:30
Meet at the back of the Mead building

2 pm

 Mind Your Business
This session is also offered at 10:30 am
 MB 129
New Dairy Learning Centre
Learn about the planned facility
Animal Science Technology
Western Ranch & Cow Horse
Equine Centre
Come walk in the shoes of a VMA
Veterinary Medical Assistant
Small Animal Clinic
Student-Managed Dairy
Animal Science Technology
MB 123
Residence Tours
Also offered at 10 am & 3 pm
Meet at residence booth outside the cafeteria

2:30 pm

Calving 101
Animal Science Technology
This session is also offered at 9:30 am
Red Barn
Western Ranch & Cow Horse
Equine Centre
Spray Droplets - Size Does Matter
Crop Technology
This session is also offered at 11 am
  MB 113
Couch Potatoes
Mead Building
  • Twice-baked cheesy bacon potato $3
  • Pop $1.25
  • Water $1
Dogs 4 Dogs Quad
  •  hot dog combo $5
  • hamburger combo $7
  • hot dog $2.50
Full Meal Deal
Equine Centre
  • Perogies & sausages - small plate $5; large plate $8
  • pie $2
  • beverages $1
Future Farmers Main Gym
Chicken or pork kabobs, potatoes and salad $10
Stars of Tommorrow
Trades Centre Pit
 Pulled pork with coleslaw plus drink $7
The Big Dawgs
Quad by Mead Building Entrance
  • footlong hot dog combo $4
  • smokie combo $5
  • Chips or peanuts $1 each
The Mexican Hat Equine Centre
  • taco in a bag $6
  • beef soft taco $6
  • Pop or juice $2
  • Chocolate bar $2

Hospitality Room
There are many places where you can stop and rest during a very busy day, but there is an official hospitality room.

Mead 122 is also the site of the pancake breakfast. It will be open from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.
Little Royal
Lakeland's Little Royal dates back to the late 1920s when the school's fair was born.

For decades Little Royal was a true fair and exhibition with livestock shows in early days running the gamut from sheep to heavy horses. The 21st century version includes the Western Canadian judging competition and a more traditional cattle show organized by the Stockman's Club.

Little Royal is also about rodeo, a stop on the Canadian Intercollegiate Rodeo Association circuit.

Check out all the Little Royal activities.
Western Ranch & Cow Horse Orientation
Here's the schedule. A flyer with times and places will be available on March 13.
  • 9 am Welcome
  • 9:30 am Bits
  • 10:30 am Riding Styles
  • 11 am Residence Tour
  • Noon - Lunch on your own. Try the cafeteria or one of the food booths done by Agribusiness students throughout campus
  • 2 pm Sorting in the Equine Centre
  • 2:30 Roping in the Equine Centre
  • 3 pm Question and Answer session with program head Ron Hoffman in the Equine Centre

Watch for details about a ranch rodeo, stock dog demos and other activities associated with Little Royal.
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