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You need to fill out a form to come to Lakeland College, and you need to fill out a form to graduate from Lakeland College. Forms are just part of life. Here are some of the common ones you might need before you get to Lakeland.

applyalberta--Where you apply for admission
There's now a centralized place for applying to all Alberta post-secondary institutions. Instructions about applyalberta are on its website.

Start from our application page that links you to applyalberta. Please note: A VISA or MasterCard is required for applyalberta.
Horse Boarding Application - Deadline August 1
You may bring your horse to school. Fill out the 2017-18 horse boarding application and return it to to the Rodeo Club by mail or by faxing 780 853 8704.

The form also includes information on health protocols.

Emergency Training Medical Release
This form must be current (within 12 months) of attending Lakeland College's Emergency Training Centre.
FFT Medical Clearance form
Transfer Credit
At Lakeland College we consider transfer credit from all accredited post-secondary institutions and on a case-by-case basis from non-accredited institutions.

If you've attended another post-secondary institution and would like credit for the courses you took there, you need to fill out a transfer credit form.

If you attended a college or university in Alberta, Nunavut or the Northwest Territories, you might also want to check out the applicable online transfer guides.
Health and Dental
You can find health and dental forms and information at If you are covered by another plan, you may opt out of the Lakeland student plan.
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP)
The provincial (Alberta) Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) has been in force at Lakeland College since September 1, 1999.

This means that our staff can by law only release marks to the student. It also means by law that a student’s medical information and residence room number also can’t be released to anyone but the student.

We have had situations where a parent has come to surprise their student and we were unable to provide them with a room number. So, before you visit, make sure that you have the right room number.

You can be given access to information if your student agrees. Your student can also request that their personal information not be disclosed in certain circumstances.
Students must fill out and return the FOIP form in order to disclose any personal information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Registrar Allen Verbeek at 780 853 8429, toll-free at 1 800 661 6490 ext. 8429;
Health Services Record Forms
Every Lakeland student must fill out a health services record form.
Computer & Wireless Access
As a student you will have access to Lakeland College computers. All the information is on the computer access page. You no longer have to sign a computer access code of ethics, but will be agreeing to those policies every time you sign on to a Lakeland College computer.

Lakeland College also offered WiFi on its Lloydminster and Vermilion campuses. You do need to fill out a wireless access request form. For complete wireless instructions, see our wireless access pages.
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