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The estimate you get from this calculator will help you plan your budget. Visit our financial aid pages to learn about your funding options.

Tuition and other academic fees are for the 2016-2017 academic year. We have put in default values for living and other expenses. These are based on a $1,128/month (Alberta) guideline for living expenses. Or, you may use your own numbers.

Apprenticeship students: Please see your program's pages for fee specifics including residence rates.

International students: International tuition is $14,795 per year, or if program costs are higher, then that amount. Check out our currency converter to see what this totals in your currency. Additional student fees, including mandatory health insurance for international students, will be charged. Note: Check our international section for more information about coming to Lakeland College.

If you don't see your program on the calculator: Check on your program's pages.

Important Notes on Residence Rates:

  • Please check the Vermilion residence rates page and Lloydminster residence rates for specific rates.
  • EST & FFT (NFPA 1001) students: EST costs will be higher (minimum 9 months for classes plus practicum). The FFT training program is only 12 weeks. Please see Vermilion Residence Rates for more accurate residence fees.
  • Pre-employment Vermilion students: You also have fewer weeks in residence, please adjust your housing costs.
  • Students in health care aide typically don't have additional housing costs.
  • HOOT & HOPE students: Your programs are longer and need you to adjust for that as well as your practicum times.

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