Applied Research Overview

Applied research actually came first in our history.
Before there was a Vermilion School of Agriculture, there was a demonstration farm where the college was established.
Through the years applied research has come and gone.
Now we have a research centre,  and have even been ranked among Canada's top 50 research colleges.
Our facilities range through crop plots to a renewable energy centre.
Check out the applied research microsite, or use these quick links to learn more.


An annual overview of research at Lakeland.

Renewable Energy Learning Centre

Another multi-use facility, the net-zero energy target building incorporates a variety of renewable energy generation systems including solar and thermal heat. There's also a meeting room and SMART classrooms.

Bio-Energy Centre

The 2,400 square foot main building includes an attached 360 square foot solarium/greenhouse. While the main area has lab, multi-use and office space, it doubles as a place to evaluate heating alternatives and potential for heat storage.

GN Sweet Livestock Research Facility

Lakeland's former bull test centre has been repurposed and expanded for more livestock research including GrowSafe.