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Stock Dog

Train your dog while you're at college! Students who are club members can bring and train their dog to herd livestock.

Students establish a pecking order between them and their dog. They learn about dog obedience and how to train their dogs on livestock. Beginning with circles (which aid in teaching a stop, back, direction change, and call off) and moving onto out runs and mechanical work such as side commands and drives as dogs and handlers progress.

Dogs build confidence by training first on sheep and eventually cattle.

Dogs must be:
  • a recognized herding breed such as Border Collie, Australian Shepherd or Kelpie. They can be either a purebred or a crossbreed.
  • It must also be old enough to work (more than 9 months old) and capable of demonstrating herding desire and instincts.
Club practices and social events are held throughout the year at the Vermilion campus.

Occasional field trips to competitions or demonstrations are arranged.

Lakeland College Canine Agility ClubAgility

Open to students and staff  to come and  have some fun with your dog.
  • Dogs of all sizes and breeds are welcome.
  • Dogs should be a minimum of 6 months old before starting to train on equipment.
  • We welcome beginners as well as teams who have previous agility training.
  • Opportunities to compete in local trials are available if that is a goal you would like to pursue, or you can choose to participate in classes and “mock trials” only.
  • Mini seminars and clinics are available throughout the year at a discount rate to the club members.
  • Dogs must be fully vaccinated.
Lakeland College Agility Club is a North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC) club designed to give dogs and their handlers a fast, safe and enjoyable form of the sport of dog agility.

We use approved agility equipment and training sequences to train handlers and their dogs to run NADAC agility courses.

Note: Only dogs that are also in the Stockdog Club may live on campus.
Stock Dog:
  • practices are Monday 5 - 7 pm and every second Thursday evening 8 - 10 pm

  • Agility:
  • practices are Sunday 5 - 7 pm and every second Thursday evening 8 - 10 pm
  • Advisors
    Stock Dog:
  • Deanna Krys

  • Agility:
  • Brianne Bellwood, or 780 853 8788
  • Guest Trainer
    The club is fortunate to have Sarah Van Yken as a guest trainer to work with the students and their canine friends. Sarah is an alumnus of the Lakeland College Stock Dog Club
    Registering for a kennel on campus--Stock Dogs only
    Kennels are for registered Stock Dog members only. These are the other conditions to getting a kennel:
    • must register for kennel prior to arriving - there are 16 kennels available
    • dog must be 9 months or older
    • male dogs must be neutered to live in the campus kennels
    • all dogs must have current vaccinations
    • one dog per kennel
    • members provide their own food

    For more details, contact Deanna Krys.
    Registering as a member--Stock Dog
    • pre-registration is required if the member wants a campus kennel
    • off-campus students who have an off-campus residence to house their dog may register when they arrive on campus

    For details on registration fees and for a registration form, please contact Deanna Krys.
    Stock Dog Clinics
    • The club offers two stock dog clinics by Elvin Kopp of Westerose, AB.
    • The clinics are generally held in November and February.
    • This is an additional cost for club members, but the clinics are highly recommended.
    Award for Stock Dog Members
    Cassandra Logozar Memorial Award - this award is presented at the Vermilion Awards Night to a Stock Dog member who contributes to the success of the club and is recommended by members of the club
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