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From orientation activities to Spirit Week, your SA always has something going on.

Check the calendar outside the SA office (BB118), watch for announcements in the Express, check the SA events calendar on the web, and look for posters or sidewalk chalk messages--there's a lot for you to do and experience. We also do food!

2011-2012 Executives
Left-Right: Jeremy Rouw, Ben Steele, Jean Peelar, Stephanie Lepage, Brooke Lowes, Rebecca Joseph, Pete Lowry
2010-2011 Executives
Back: Mark Van Popta, Matthew Wiens
Front: Kendra Hofstra, Autumn Jackson, Daley Brochu, Becky Nelson, Jean Peelar
2009-2010 Executives
Standing: Kirk Kiesman, Adam Ebernal, Sam Morrow, Emily Monahan, Jean Peelar
Seated: Jessie Nelson, Tania DenBraber

Take a look at some of the pictures of the VSA executive from 2009-2010. 
2008-2009 Executives
Standing: Derk Clothier, Jean Peelar, Andrew Veitch
Sitting: Sheena McKelvie, Breanna Sinclair, Yolanda Garnier, Kayla Balderson
2007-2008 Executives
Standing: Breanna Sinclair, Jean Peelar, Terri Singbeil, Kassia James, Rachael Merrett
Seated: Emily Comartin, Lauren Chykalsky
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