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Could one of these people be you?

  • You finished a project at 2 am because you went out for a friend's birthday. Got 3½ hours sleep before you went to your part-time job as a lifeguard for a 2 hour shift. You have a major assignment due on Monday morning and your Mom wants you to make the 4 hour drive home for your Grandpa's 75th birthday party. You're supposed to work an afternoon shift, too.
  • When you woke up you sneezed 4 times. Each one was loud enough to wake your roommate. You were thrown a bottle of herbal cold pills as you headed to the shower.You are out of Kleenex because the canmate who was supposed to buy toilet paper forgot, but at least there was another kind of tissue. Until now.
  • You know that there's a gym on campus, but you aren't an athlete. What can you do to stay active?
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Our wellness team can help

Wellness is the ability to maintain a balance between your physical, mental and spiritual health. When one is out of balance, you may feel overwhelmed.

Lakeland College's wellness team promotes holistic mental, physical and social well-being to help you achieve balance and the best possible quality of life while you're at college and for the rest of your life. Our services are free and confidential.

There's a team of people who can help you out, from the counselor and wellness advisor, to the campus nurse and recreation facilitator.

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Resolved to...

Why New Year's resolutions may fail

You need to be SMART about goal setting, whether it's a New Year's resolution or any short or long term goal. Get the tips so you can achieve your goals.
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When Love Hurts

Relationship challenges

College relationships are more likely to break apart before school breaks. You don't have to find your life mate at college, but it's okay if you do. These and other college relationship stats might interest you.

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Our services are confidential and free.

Wellness advisors, one on each campus, can provide a variety of services including connecting you to information and community resources, helping you get to the right on campus service, and working in tandem with other Commons services as well as just listening to your concerns.

Our services cover six areas:
  • Educational wellness
  • Financial wellness
  • Mental health wellness
  • Physical wellness
  • Social wellness
  • Spiritual wellness

Check the menu choices on the left to learn more about each of these areas.

Our mission is to promote a positive college experience for you and make everyone aware of the components of a healthy lifestyle.
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Stop in to see, call or text your campus wellness advisor or counsellor.


Nadine Konyk (Wellness Advisor)
Main Floor, Student Services Room 1057
Call: 780 871-5722
Call or text: 780 871 3954

Chantel Walker (Reg. Psychologist)
Sec. Floor, The Commons Room 2074A  
Call: 780 853 8583
Call or text: 780 214 2687


Nadine Konyk (Wellness Advisor)
The Commons, Learning Centre
Call: 780 871 5722
Call or Text: 780 871 3954

Chantel Walker (Reg. Psychologist)
Alumni Hall, Student Services Room AH120
Call: 780 853 8583
Call or Text: 780 214 2687