Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    If you have a question about using My Lakeland, we have the answer.

    If you don't see the answer to your question in the dropdowns, please contact us by emailing
    I want to pay my fees but it says that I don’t owe anything
    Once you’re enrolled in courses, fees will be calculated based on your program, campus and credit load.  It is expected that most students will see charges on their accounts in early August for September enrolment.  Residence fees will be loaded around the same time.

    If you want to pay ahead of time, just talk to our friendly cashiers! Call 1 800 661 6490 ext. 8632 for Vermilion and 1 800 661 6490 ext. 5711.
    My address changed – how do I update it in My Lakeland?
    It’s easy – just click on the address you want to change and follow the directions. Or, look at the guide found on the My Lakeland landing page of the college website.

    For information on checking grades, printing an unofficial transcript, checking course enrolments, see the Guide.
    I can’t find my admission status!
    Open the Student Centre (on the left hand menu) and scroll to the bottom of the screen. Under Admissions you see a box called My Applications with your admission status and name of the program and campus that you applied to.
    I’m not enrolled in any courses – is something wrong?
    The Office of the Registrar will be enrolling you in individual courses by semester. You should see course enrolments in early August for September.
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