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What is Citizen Science?

Citizen Science is scientific research and biodiversity monitoring and management assisted by volunteer citizens.

Volunteers help scientists:

  • Collect data for large-scale analyses that would be difficult or impossible to otherwise collect
  • Provide observations on rare species and species at risk that are difficult or impossible to otherwise collect

What information should volunteer citizens report?

  • Primary (secondary) observers contact info
  • Survey date & time
  • Location (UTM (NAD 83), LSD, Lat/Long, or Directions)
  • Habitat type and landuse
  • Type of observation
  • Number of individuals observed 
  • Animals: ad, juvenile, eggs, nests/dens
  • Plants: can use groups instead of individuals, per cent in leaf/flower/bud/fruit/dormant

Modern mobile devices are ideal for biodiversity monitoring by providing excellent ID guides for consistent data collection, georeferenced data, online data entry, and online results. To use a citizen science program as a guide or to volunteer with a program, click a category from the left menu.
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