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What is an identification app?

An app is a program/application you can download onto your mobile device and/or computer.

Biodiversity identification apps have practical features, including similar species comparisons & voices (i.e. calls, songs)

Why use an app instead of a field guide book?

  • A mobile device can contain many field guides with sounds included
  • Timely updates for species, ranges, taxonomy, etc.
  • Search for species using common and scientific names and apparent features (e.g. shape, size, colour, etc.)
  • Similar species comparisons
  • Georeferenced data
  • Life lists and online data submission

Where can you download apps?

You can download apps for both iPhone and Android mobile devices from a variety of websites. To save you time, we've compiled some of the most popular ones into a database for you. Just click on a category from the left menu.

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