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Pesticide Applicator Certification

Pilot Project: Acreage Owner Weed Control Pesticide Certificate

tansy, purple loosestrife and scentless chamomileIf you are an acreage owner who wants to be better equipped to manage regulated weeds on your land, a pilot project could help you learn more about weed control, earn certification though a course geared specifically for rural acreage owners, and work with the municipality to control noxious weeds.

Why the pilot project

Currently acreage owners have 3 options for dealing with noxious weeds:
  • a domestic class herbicide available through a garden centre they apply themselves
  • a few commercial class herbicides (same product as domestic but in larger containers purchased from commercial pesticide vendors) for specific control in turf, in non-cropland areas and in shelterbelts and shrub beds. Also applied by the acreage owners
  • hire a custom pesticide service
These options might not be for everyone. This pilot project provides another way for acreage owners who have an identified regulated weed problem to work with their municipality. After completing the course, rural acreage owners will be more knowledge about herbicide options as well as have the skills to apply the weed control themselves with pesticides supplied by their municipality.

To be eligible:
  1. You must live in a rural area--not a town, village, hamlet--in one of these 7 municipalities:
    • Camrose County
    • Clearwater County
    • County of Grande Prairie
    • Country of Wetaskiwin
    • MD of Lesser Slave River
    • Rockey View County
    • Yellowhead County
  2. You must have been contacted by a weed inspector about noxious or prohibited noxious weeds growing in a pasture or non-turf area of your acreage.