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Pesticide Applicator Certification

Applicator Certificate Recertification

Renew your certificate before it expires 

If you don't renew, your service registration is automatically cancelled. Then you must stop all pesticide applicator activities until you have recertified your certificate/s.

You must renew each class of certificate you hold. Recertification requirements are in Option 2 below.

You have two options:
  1. Rewrite the exam
  2. Earn continuing education credits.  
More information, including a list of courses approved for credit,  is on the Alberta Environment Pesticide Applicator Recertification Program web page.

Option 1 - Rewrite the Pesticide Applicator Certification Exam
Simply call us and schedule an exam.

Its a toll-free call at 1 866 853 8646 or direct at 780 853 8646.

Option 2 - Earn Continuing Education Credits
This option takes planning.
  1. Before your certificate expires you must have enough credits for each class of certificate that you hold.
  2. At least one month before your certificate expires you must send in a completed recertification application form and the recertification fee.
  3. If you have a restricted certificate--Restricted from Operating a Registered Service--then there is an additional requirement. You must also write and pass the Alberta Legislation exam before you can be recertified. You can arrange to write this exam by contacting the Pesticide office. When you pass you get 2 credits that you can apply towards your recertification credit requirements.
Also Note:
  1. You are limited to a maximum of 10 continuing education credits in any one calendar year.
  2. A course or tutorial can only be taken once for credit during the certification period.
  3. As part of the required 15 continuing education credits, you must have a minimum of:  
    • 2 credits in regulations - examples new regulations and regulatory concerns
    • 2 credits in health and pesticide safety such as safe application, storage, disposal of pesticides and animal health 
    • 1 credit in environment covering environmental issues such as pesticide fate, runoff, movement or leaching
    • 2 credits in pest management through topics such as pest description, pesticide characteristics and integrated pest management
    • 2 credits in application technology related to calibration clinics, drift modeling and new equipment demonstrations
Certificate Classes & Recertification Requirements

Certificate Classes


Recertification Requirements

All certificate classes except the ones listed below
  • 15 continuing education credits approved for the class of certificate you hold, in the required concept areas
  • Complete and submit a recertification form and fee.
  • 10 continuing education credits specifically 2 in regulations, 2 in human health, 1 in environment , 2 in pest management, 2 in application technology + 1 other elective credit.
  • Complete and submit a recertification form and  fee
  1. Roots in Pipes (Lesson 804)
  2. Exterior Rodent Control (Lesson 505)
  3. Fumigation for Stored Ag Products (Lesson 801)
  4. Fish & Aquatic Invertebrate
  • Credit requirements include 2 in regulations, 2 in human health, 1 in environment plus one other credit in one of pest management, application technology, labeling or emergency response. 
  • Continuing education credits must be approved for all classes of applicator certificate or specific to the certificate applicator category
  • Complete the required lesson and return with  2 completed forms [special certificate grading for lesson and Recertification] and fees.
  • A minimum grade of 80% on your lesson is required for recertification.

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