Pesticide Applicator Certification

What is an Authorized Assistant?

Authorized Assistants are able to perform pesticide applications under the supervision of a certified applicator without requiring daily on-site supervision by a certified applicator.  In addition, Authorized Assistants are able to apply pesticides listed in section 5(11) of the Environmental Code of Practice for Pesticides without direct supervision by a certified applicator. For example, an Authorized Assistant can apply Tordon 101® along a roadway without a certified applicator being present at all times.

Individuals wanting to become an Authorized Assistant must write a core examination and complete the Authorized Assistant training checklist with their supervising certified applicator.

The core examination can be taken through one of the following two processes:
  • Complete the Pesticide Applicator core examination administered through Lakeland College.  Upon successful completion of this exam, Lakeland College will issue an Authorized Assistant certificate, or
  • Complete a simplified Trainer administered exam after completion of an in-class training course with the trainer.  Upon successful completion of this exam, the trainer will issue an Authorized Assistant certificate.
The Authorized Assistant certificate is good for approximately 5 years before it expires.  After expiry, a new certificate can only be obtained by writing a new examination from Lakeland College or a certified trainer.
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