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How to become a Commercial Pesticide Dispenser

Commercial Retail Vendor Requirements - Companies retailing pesticides registered as "Restricted, Industrial, Commercial or Agricultural" (Alberta Schedules 1 & 2) must hold a valid Agrichemical Warehousing Standards Association (AWSA) certificate or a Pesticide Vendor Registration Issued by Alberta Environment.  All retail outlets are required to have at least one Certified Commercial Pesticide Dispenser.  A certificate is issued on successful completion of the certification exam.

Commercial Pesticide Dispenser training alerts dealers to sales regulations and provides them and their customers with information in the safe handling, storage and disposal of pesticides.

Candidates must be 18 years of age to apply to be a Commercial Pesticide Dispenser.

Commercial Pesticide Dispenser certificates are valid for up to a five-year period, and then the dispenser must apply for a renewal.
Commercial Dispenser Certification Requirements
The Commercial Pesticide Dispenser Certificate Program is a collaborative effort between Lakeland College and Alberta Environment.  The training material has been designed specifically to prepare prospective dispensers for the exam.

The home study course consists of lesson material and a study guide which should be completed and used to prepare for the provincial certification exam.  Requires 30-40 hours dedicated study time.  The material is available year-end round.  See homestudy material order form for cost.

For further information or to order home study material, contact Lakeland College at 7980 853 8646 or toll-free at 1 866 853 8646.
Commercial Dispenser Certification Exam Procedures
To become qualified, dispensers must write a certification exam.  The exams are available online through designated proctor sites located at various centers in Alberta.  Online exams allow for quicker processing of exam results.  Candidates require a grade of 70 percent or better to qualify for certification.  Exams are 2.5 hours in length, closed book. See Other Fees for costs.

For exam requests, call Lakeland College at 780 853 8646 or toll-free 1 866 853 8646
Commercial Dispenser Reciprocity
Commercial Pesticide Dispenser certificates from British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are recognized as valid dispenser certificates.  Anyone holding a Dispenser certificate from one of these provinces can apply for reciprocity to obtain an Alberta certificate as long as they have a valid expiry date and the applicant successfully completes the Dispenser Reciprocity exam.

Issued Commercial Dispenser certificates shall have the expiry date as their birthday, valid for a five year period.  Note expiry dates shall be no later than the original expiry date of the other province.

Dispenser Reciprocity exam can be booked by calling the Pesticide office to book an exam writing time at one of the Proctor centers in Olds, Lethbridge, Edmonton, Grande Prairie or Vermilion.

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