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Pesticide Applicator Certification

Reciprocity: Inter-Provincial Transfer

Alberta will recognize certain certificates from some other provinces. All Alberta Pesticide Applicator Certificate Reciprocity approvals are done through Lakeland College.

Persons holding a recognized out-of-province certificate can be issued a equivalent Alberta Certificate.  Certification does not allow you to provide pesticide application services in the Province of Alberta unless you are employed with an Alberta Registered Pesticide Service.  To establish a business that will provide such a service you must apply for a service registration.  In addition, if your company is based outside of the boundaries of Alberta and you are a corporation; you must also be registered with the Alberta Corporate Registry.

As of September 1, 2014 to obtain an Alberta certification, based on your home province certification, you will be required to write at minimum the Alberta Legislation exam (some exceptions may apply).

Issued Applicator Certificates have the expiry date as the birthday, valid for approximately a five-year period.  Note expiry dates will be no later than the original expiry date of the other provinces certificate.

How To Apply:
  1.  Order the Core Reciprocity Lesson ($40.00) or full Authorized Assistant (Nafta Core Only manual) homestudy material order form.

  2.  Complete the Pesticide Applicator reciprocity application form and mail to Lakeland College along with a copy of the current province certificate/exam transcript and application fee ($225.00).

  3.  Schedule exam writing by calling Lakeland College.

                          Regarding the 20 question applicator reciprocity exam, it is based on Alberta Provincial Legislation questions. 
If you have any further questions, contact us at 780 853 8646, toll-free 1 866 853 8646 or email

Please see the provinces below for a list of which certificates are recognized in Alberta.
British Columbia
We recognize only 5-year certificates
• We recognize only whole class certificates
        i.e. We do not  accept:
                Agriculture: Apiary, Berry and Vegetable, Livestock and Poultry, or Orchard
                Forestry: Nursery
                Industrial: Pavers or Noxious Weeds
We recognize only certificates that specify "Aerial". That is, a Forestry is not acceptable for an Aerial Certificate.
We recognize whole class certificates (no restrictions or part categories).
We recognize Agriculture, Industrial, Landscape and Aerial certificates.
Ontario and Quebec
Applicators applying for reciprocity must write the full Nafta Core exam to qualify for an Alberta certificate.  Upon passing the exam, they will receive a full certificate.
New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island or Newfoundland
For these certificates please call Alberta Environment - Vivianne Servant at 780 538 8054 to verify the certificate you are wanting to use for reciprocity.
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