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Pesticide Applicator Certification

How to become a Trainer

Individuals wanting to train Authorized Assistants and provide "core lesson" pesticide applicator tutorial training must become Pesticide Applicator Trainers. This requirement is in place to:
  • ensure consistent delivery of "core" pesticide assistant and applicator training
  • provide information directly to trainers (examination statistics, examination blueprints, what areas candidates are not mastering knowledge, exam and text review schedules, etc.)
  • provide trainers with background information to help them deliver training
  • foster an on-going working relationship between Alberta Environment and trainers to improve the training course.
Certification Requirements
  • be a certified applicator
  • have five years pesticide application experience
  • complete a Train the Trainer in-class training course.

Train the Trainer course is usually offered during the winter (Feb/Mar) of every year. After successful completion of this course, Lakeland College will issue an individual a Pesticide Applicator Trainer Certificate that will be valid for a 5 year period.

To renew a Trainer Certificate, an individual must attend a Trainer Recertification training session. These sessions are usually offered during the winter (Feb/Mar) of every year.
New Pesticide Core Manual
New Pesticide Applicator Core Manual has been replaced with a new Canadian Pesticide Applicator Core Manual (Alberta Edition).  The new manual includes all the basic knowledge requirements identified by the Standard of Pesticide Education, Training and Certification in Canada (National Standard) and all the Alberta provincial legislation.  The New core manual reflects a Canadian approach to applicator training, is more student and learning oriented, and follows the National Standard format more closely.  Individuals training to become Authorized Assistants or Pesticide Applicators who had purchased the old core manual can still use them until January 2012, to prepare to write the certification exam.  The core exam will continue with the same number of questions for each concept area.

Note: For 2011, trainers may be teaching to the old or new core. If attending a training tutorial that covers core material, the concepts being dealt with by the trainer are similar for the old or new core material, but the presentation of the material may or may not follow the layout of your manual.
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